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Our Vision

VOSOT is a mobile app that will keep local news stations alive and transform how live news is produced. Newsrooms are constantly shrinking, as staff are eliminated and journalists are forced to become jack-of-all-trades. With fewer resources, bigger workloads, and increasing competition from user generated content, journalists and news stations are more in need than ever of tools that will allow them to continue to produce live, high-quality news. Our goal is to give the news industry a life-line and help the next generation of storytellers capture what's happening around them with one simple tool.

Our Story

We are a team of journalists pushing the limits of storytelling with mobile technology. We've worked in small towns, big cities, and around the world, using the best and sometimes worst production tools. We've learned on the job what journalists today need to tell the best stories with the fewest resources. We created VOSOT to help journalists gather news more easily, especially those in small towns with limited resources.


VOSOT redefines what it means to be a mobile journalist. The app goes beyond today's editing and live-streaming platforms, allowing users to piece together professional stories within minutes, while mixing video, sound and maps on the fly. Journalists no longer need to rely on editors in the news van, nor do they have to wait to get back to their laptops or news stations. Journalists will be ready to 'go live' from their phone, while still maintaining a professional level of production quality.


How it works

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VOSOT combines editing and live-streaming software to create a brilliant live-mixer. It gives users the ability to collect all elements of a story within minutes, including video, interviews and a map. The user can go live and switch between the elements, to give viewers a professional and unique viewing experience. High quality production will no longer be limited to those with access to news vans or news rooms, and talented journalists will no longer be hindered by low quality editing apps or low-tech live-streaming platforms.

VOSOT was built to match the speed of life. The app is designed to streamline news gathering, reduce editing time, and allows the user to go live without bulky equipment and a large team.

about us

Veronica Miracle is a broadcast journalist based in Los Angeles. When she's not on TV, she's busy building an empire. Her love for the news industry inspired her to create VOSOT.


Joey Ybarra is a freelance photographer, social media content creator and a full-time hustler. His extensive experience in the news industry is an instrumental part of VOSOT's development.

VOSOT will change the way we gather news

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